Wolfgang Alt
Interdisciplinary Group Theoretical Biology
in the Mathematical and Natural Science Faculty at University of Bonn

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Curriculum Vitae

Institutional Affiliation and Official Address:

University Professor
Group of Theoretical Biology
IZMB, University of Bonn
Kirschallee 1-3
D-53115 Bonn, Germany
Tel.: +49-228-735577; Fax: 735513
E-mail: wolf.alt@uni-bonn.de

Education and Scientific Degrees:

Study of Mathematics, University of Göttingen (Germany)
1971: Diploma in Mathematics
1971 - 1973: Postgraduate Student, University of Münster (Germany)
1973: Dr. rer.nat. (Promotion in Mathematics)
1980: Dr. habil. (Habilitation in Mathematics), Faculty of Mathematics, University of Heidelberg
1975 - 1985: Study of Cell Biology at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg

Employment and Fellowships:

1971 - 1975: University Assistant, Mathematical Institute (Münster);
1975 - 1982: University Assistant, Inst. Applied Mathematics (Heidelberg);
1982 - 1983: Visiting Professor, University of Utah (Salt Lake City);
1983 - 1986: Heisenberg-Fellow (University of Heidelberg);
1978 - 1986: Co-Founder and Member of the SFB 123 "Stochastic Mathematical Models" (University of Heidelberg);
since 1986: Professor for Theoretical Biology at the University of Bonn, Member of the Biology Dept. and Mathematics Dept.
1986-2001: Member of research program SFB 256 "Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations" (Leader of Project A1, since 1993)
since 2002: Project Leader (B5 and B7) in research program SFB 611 "Singular Phenomena and Scaling in Mathematical Models"

Awards, Grants and Memberships:

Heisenberg award as "University Docent" (DFG, 1983-1986)
Research Grant "Cooperative Cell Motion" (VW, 1991-1995, 490.000 DM)
Post-Doc Research Grant "Modelling of Cell Motion" for Esa Kuusela (VW, 2005-2008, 187.000.- Euro)
Member of DMV (German National Association of Mathematicians)
Member of SMB (Society for Mathematical Biology)
President of ESMTB (Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology)
Member of DGTTB (German Society for History and Theory of Biology)

Teaching Experience:

Lecture and computer course "Modelling and Simulation of Biological Systems"
Annual courses and seminars on different topics in Theoretical Biology
Lectures on "Stochastic Processes in Biology"
Participation in a general lecture "Ecology and Environment"
Participation in beginner lecture/course for biologists: "Mathematics in Biology"
Annual computer course "Simulation in the Life Sciences"

Research Topics:

Main field: Theoretical Biology and Biomathematics (Modelling, Analysis and Simulations)
Other fields: Applied Mathematics (Parabolic and Hyperbolic Systems, Stochastic Processes)

Current topics:

Actin polymer dynamcis, cytoplasma motion
Motion and adhesion dynamics of keratinocytes
Cooperative cell motion and swarming behavior
Oriented movement and search strategies


Number of papers in ref. journals: 19
Number of articles in conference proceedings: 25


"Biological Motion" (Eds.: W. Alt and G. Hoffmann) Lect. Notes in Biomathematics Vol.89, Springer-Verlag (1990)
"Dynamics of Cell and Tissue Motion (Eds.: W. Alt, A.Deutsch and G. Dunn) Birkhäuser-Verlag, Basel (1997)
"Polymer and Cell Dynamics" (Eds.: W. Alt, M. Chaplain, M. Griebel, J. Lenz) Birkhäuser-Verlag, Basel (2003)

Other Activities:

Editor of the ESMTB Magazine: "European Communications in Math. and Theor. Biology"
Advisory Board Member: "Applied Mathematics Letters"
"Theory in Biosciences"

Current Scientific Cooperation at Bonn University:

Institute for Applied Mathematics (S. Albeverio, H.W. Alt)
Since 2006: Member of IZKS (Interdisciplinary Center for Complex Systems)
Institute for Zoology (G. von der Emde)
Institut for Cell Biology (D. Fürst, G. Kirfel)
Institut for Physical Chemstry (U. Kubitscheck)
Institut für Pyhsiological Chemisty (J. Kappler)